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things are underway!

April 29, 2010

Well, well, well… this is the 1st of what will be many posts to come… check out our “about” tab to get the idea of this blog.

You know how everyone says that plannning a wedding, planning your life, the first year of marriage are all crazy stressful? That’s nice, but we do not receive that! 🙂

We are enjoying this process of following after the Spirit as He whispers to us what is coming next.

Step 1: Apply for Visas to permit us to be in the beautiful country that is New Zealand for a year (with the option of extending an extra 3 months).

Done and done! 🙂


Yep, we are one step closer to living out our dreams.

We should probably write these apart from one another, because I keep on getting distracted by Justin’s eyes :). They are GORGEOUS!

i know, we are that cute.

We wrapped up work on our website: so you should definitely check that out! It has a link to our wedding website, which is nearly completed, as well as links to some of our other favorite pages.

If you wish,  you can subscribe to this blog via email over here in the sidebar… stay tuned as we document our journey of life and love as we pursue the Lord!

Much love,

Ashley + Justin

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