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alternative living

October 23, 2010

I know not everyone is as earth-loving as I am (i can still hear my mother engraining ‘reduce,reuse,recycle’ in my young mind), and I know that there are noted arguments about the accuracy of environment dooms-day warnings. Regardless of if global warming is going to cause the downfall of planet earth tomorrow or in a thousand years, I am still convicted that we have been called to be environmentally responsible. In the book of Genesis, specifically 2:15, we see mankind entrusted with keeping the earth, which could also be defined as caring for, or looking after. As children of God, we were created for community with our Creator, community with other creatures, community with creation. How can we appreciate the beauty and masterpiece our Creator made of this planet when we unintentionally-and unfortunately sometimes intentionally-cause harm to it? How much easier would it be to live a simple life, honoring and appreciating our home here on earth? Well, maybe not easy. Better, fulfilling, but not easy, as you can see if you go look at these pictures and the videos on the youtube channel.

Yes folks, Justin and I took on the challenge of living alternatively. Water from a water tank up the road. No electricity other than a small windmill’s worth. High up on a mountain, up a gravel road, limited phone and inconsistent internet-and it was dodgy when we did have it. A boxcar, two caravans, lots of tin and safety glass. Life without the frills, and it was wonderful. We lived with Louisa, Grant, and four children for two weeks in this living arrangement.

Did you know?

-A composting toilet is a much better idea in the long run then a long drop toilet.

-putting grass clippings around your plants helps to retain moisture and adds nitrogen to the soil. -food tastes so much better fresh from right outside your window!

-building isn’t so much of a science (favorite quote from Grant-not sure about this one :P)

-daily showers are not a necessity. In fact going up to five days without a shower was accomplished by both of us!

We learned many things from them, more than could ever be written, buts let just say that I can’t wait to start my garden and Justin is talking about the building projects he’ll want to tackle. It’s really funny to hear him talking about buying tools. Ah, growth.

Often times the Lord will use the things and people of the world to teach you how to be more in line with His perspective. Justin and I look forward to incorporating many of the things we’ve been taught thus far into our daily life and living arrangement when we return. Why would one not want to be more connected to their home, their selves, and the earth as a whole as we saw exhibited by our hosts? Count us in.

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  1. Nancy Greenbnerg permalink
    October 23, 2010 9:54 pm

    Love it….keep it coming! ; )

  2. Bobbie Hamilton permalink
    October 23, 2010 9:57 pm

    sounds intriguing, we may be slowly moving that direction!

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