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Hitch Hiking 101

November 17, 2010

According to the locals, beautiful NZ is not as safe as its appearance conveys. The last family we stayed with, along with a few of our rides, stated that they wouldn’t hitch hike for safety reasons. Obviously, perceptions change anywhere you go depending on your status: local/tourist/half-sie. This didn’t deter us from taking on the adventure, however!

Our first hitch hiking experience was from Katikati where we had our second helpx stay-to Whakatane, the location our third hosts were to pick us up. After two weeks in Waimana with the Gerritsens (read about our stay here, or watch a video about it here), we decided to hitch again. Our destination this time being Auckland.

On Tuesday we hitched from Whakatane to Katikati, getting two rides along the way. Our first ride was with a lovely woman, Barbara, a nurse and immigrant from England. She offered to take us to her house for some tea and to meet her husband Bill, who she praised numerous times. We got to see the beautiful home they built, overlooking the ocean. It was a hexadome style house, built amongst terraces of gardens they planted themselves. It was absolutely stunning. Not five minutes after leaving their place we got another ride with a man named Gary, with whom Justin got to discuss golf. He took us right into Katikati, where we stayed the night with our previous hosts. We celebrated Guy Fawkes a few days  late with a wonderful meal, bonfire, and homemade fruit sorbet! (more video fun)

The following morning we left for Auckland. We rode the whole way with a young man from India named Jess. He took us to Waihi to see the gold mine and to the largest Sikh temple in New Zealand. We then caught a train from his stop into the heart of Auckland City. –>For those of you who know my love for public transportation, just imagine my excitement these days! 🙂

We are here in Auckland for at least two days and are hoping to find a vehicle while here (then we can pick up hitch hikers! :P). We are also here for Justin to have an interview with a sound company for some contract work. We are praying for this to happen so we can afford flights over to Australia in January.

More updates to come! And as always, we are sending our love your way! You are missed!



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