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Our Christmas Miracle

December 27, 2010

As most of you may already know, we have had quite the time of it the last week or so. Sometime during the night between the 20th and 21st of thus month, most of our things were stolen out if our car. We had packed up and moved the car down the hill from where we were staying, as we were leaving he next morning and heavy rains were expected. We woke up to find that all we had was the clothes on our backs, our rain jackets, computer and video iPod, toothbrushes, and thankfully, our wallets with our credit/debit cards, cash, and passports. It was a vey surreal experience. Fortunately, we were staying with the most lovely couple who helped us out considerably by getting us some clothing and basic toiletries. They also let us stay a few extra days, and if you’d seen this accommodation set-up and tasted the delicious meals, you would know what a huge blessing this was.

Fast forward a few days and we have driven down the West Coast of the South Island and arrived in Queenstown for Christmas. Upon checking the Internet we are overwhelmed at the news that my new sister Alison has set up a financial support drive via social networking for us, and we have been blown away by the support received from family and friends, even from people we don’t know! We are so grateful for the prayers and support shown us, we are humbled by this experience and thankful for the life lessons.

We are traveling around for the next few days but will be stationary to ring in the new year- per the itinerary I posted last :P.

Many thanks and much love to all of you,
And may your lifes be as richly blessed as ours have been.

Talk soon,
a & j

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  1. December 27, 2010 7:55 pm

    That’s awesome – evidence that every problem comes with
    promise & provision attached to it šŸ™‚ Things sure are
    getting packed & moved out of our apt right now. Just about
    1 more month left before we land in New Zealand – hope we’ll get to
    meet up with you guys. Be blessed even more.

  2. Andrea Schultz (true) permalink
    December 27, 2010 8:15 pm

    Pls post the site for the “financial support drive”
    website. Hugs, Mrs. Andrea

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