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the return

April 8, 2011

The day arrived with much excitement and anticipation. April 5th…the day we fly home from New Zealand and a year after justin proposed. The day had potential for awesomeness, no doubt.

We packed our things and headed to pick up Lori & Drew, so they could take us to the airport. After a delicious breakfast at Shakey Isles, Lori & Drew drove us to the Auckland International Airport where we bid them farewell with many hugs.

We then boarded our first of four flights! We flew to Nadi, Fiji, where we had a 6 hour layover with no sleep but lots of veggie pizza and office episodes. The next flight took us to L.A. where we used the American money sent to us while in New Zealand by Justins sweet grandmother to splurge on some starbucks and pinkberry! From L.A. to Denver and then from Denver to Nashville.

We immediately felt glad to be home when greeted by lovely friends, followed by food and fellowship at one of our favorites, Mafia’Oza’s.

We are very excited to be home, and hold very dearly in our hearts our time in New Zealand. For more about where our life takes us now, you can check out:

all our love,

a &  j

Trent and Nicole with signs and cake!!

josh and justin together again

emily, me, and sarah!!

josh, justin, and trent!!

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